Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On The Road Again.....

       On my way to work last week I was listening to the morning show on 105.5 and I heard Tina Brie talking about how she just got back from vacation and hadn’t yet unpacked.  She was still “living out of” her suit case to savor every last bit of her vacation.  As she was talking about this I looked from my rear view mirror into the backseat.  My green canvas duffle bag was messily half zipped in the middle seat, overflowing with clothes from the last band trip, staring at me.  “oh if only she knew…” my thoughts trailed off on what it is actually like to constantly live out of a suitcase.
       Out of any other summer with the band this is the summer we have traveled the most and the summer I have made the most memories.  I remember realizing how busy we were going to be as I watched my mom on the phone, looking at the computer calendar, booking another gig.  The calendar was a mess, dates here, dates there, and she was currently squeezing 2 dates between another packed week.  Being on the road so much lately has been a blast;  we have made so many new friends, met up with old friends and hopefully inspired some.  
       We started off going to Weiser Idaho (with a stop in Colorado), we got home for 3 days, then it was on to Wisconsin for a working fourth of July, 2 more gigs in Wisconsin, then home again to a local gig.  After that we went on to Manitoish Waters, where we met fantastic friends (shout out to the Stinson family and Noah, you guys are the best!) and got to play the most amazing show we have ever played inside the Cozy Cove.  I will never forget how after the last chord of the first song rang out the crowed erupted, everyone on their feet, dancing with each other and singing.  It was almost an overwhelming feeling but I could play that show every night.   
       We didn’t wind down after Manitoish Waters.  After another few days of camping in Green Lake Wisconsin we played 2 more gigs.  We had a small break, home for almost 3 weeks before we headed to Minnesota for the state fiddle contest, where Georgia took 1st in the Open Division, and first in Twin Fiddle Division with Shawn.  Finally just as things looked to be slowing down, we got an email that we had been picked to compete in the John Hartford Boogie Band Contest!  What a blessing it was to be able to go to Kentucky where we reunited with some friends, camped and had a blast playing in the contest where we took 2nd place.  We aren’t quite done yet, the traveling is slowing down but we still get to go to Illinois State Fiddle contest in October and play local gigs all year, not to mention we plan to record a CD this winter (finally! lol).  
       This summer has been plenty of work.  I think sometimes people forget that being a working musician is work.  We practice countless hours and squeezing band practice in between my work schedule, and Georgia and Quin’s school schedule, and Georgia’s radio and teaching schedule is not always easy.  Not to mention time we spend writing music, time practicing on our own, time booking gigs, time we spend on CD art, time in the studio, time on promo posters and pictures.  I love every second and every ounce of work that it takes to be a musician because of what makes it worth it; the people I meet, the places I get to go, and the unique experiences I get to have along the way.

       Being in a band is not always peaches and cream no matter how sweet it looks.  For me lately life has been crazy, not only with the band, but my life in general.  Hey, I am 19 years old, life was bound to get complicated at some point.  I have been so back and fourth between gigs and home and I try my best to balance friends, a boyfriend, work and family.  To be honest I am somewhat awful at balancing people in my life (apologies to the people I love who may feel neglected during our busy months, but I do think of you, pray for you and send you good vibes.  Also I really try to remember to text you back but sometimes it doesn’t happen).  It seems to me that when I am home I am squeezing friend and boyfriend time in between work and band practices, trying not to forget anyone.  Sometimes it can be difficult to be away from friends, who are as close as family, for so long but I definitely have the best of friends.  No matter how long it has been we pick up where we left off.  It seems I hardly ever sleep in my own bed, because if I did my math right…I have slept in my own bed 3 times this month.  That might bother some people but for me I don’t mind, home is where my people are, not where my bed is.

PS: Shout out to Anthony and Hailey, you guys are the best, most honest and understanding friends ever and I wouldn't trade you for anything! I love you so much! thanks for putting up with all my crazy!
PPS:  Before I forget I would also like to thank my new salon girls at Cost Cutters and my awesome boss for putting up with, and working around, my schedule!  You girls have been so kind to me.  It is a huge breath of fresh air to walk into the salon and get a positive vibe or a genuine compliment rather than the dread of going to work. I love my job :)

PPPS: Thanks to Kenny, Ronda and Owen for hanging out with us in Kentucky and being such amazing band friends, you are like family to us and we love you <3


The GRFB crew that went to Weiser.... plus some random people who jumped in the pic just because

Me and Mom :) love my momma <3
just beautiful

Out to eat in Idaho
a shot from our trip to Weiser
Otis missed mom
me and G tried to fit some fitness into our lives while we were home
Georgia's Smokey Bear look in Manitoish Waters

from the Cozy Cove show

The Cozy Cove Crowd
Georgia thinks she can skateboard
Georgia.... spear fishing?

hula hooping at the Just Live festival

the first day of school!

got my first car this summer all by myself
Georgia's first place in Mn
Me, Georgia and a little praying mantis
Quin plays an electric mando

Sisters that kazoo together stay together

right before the contest in Kentucky!

when I finally reunited with my bestie we went shopping and found this amazing donut shirt

sisters :)