Monday, May 18, 2015

Anything but Average I Suppose

       So here we are, just a month away from our adventures to Idaho, time to catch you up to speed on what is going on here.  Before we get to go the band has a pretty busy month.  We are preparing for the battle of the bands in Burlington this weekend at Chocolate Fest and doing a few more fundraisers (check out the website for specifics!). (
I see Quin itching to finish up her first year of high school, I think she can't wait to be out and free to spend her time this summer playing, writing music and baking.  She has been really into making cupcakes and cookies recently and she is getting super good at it, her decorations are always adorable.  I must also add that I am extremely proud of my little sister for getting confirmed at church this past Sunday :)
       I am finding myself struggling to make time for my bar tending classes(they will probably just have to wait until I get back from Idaho) . I am working part time and making the occasional house call for haircuts.  Lately I am trying to save my money so I am not broke when I am frequently off of work during the next few months.  Balancing all I love in life is not always easy, family, friends, work, the band, everything is important to me.  I will make it though, somehow God always finds a way to put everything in the right place and time for me. After all I have always told myself, the thing I want most in life is to live and extraordinary life, then I can settle down. What can I say? I want to be the old lady with cool stories to tell.
       Georgia continues to practice night and day for Weiser(practicing Twin Fiddle in the kitchen with Shawn as I am typing this up) She has been taking a lot more lessons lately, and teaching some more students as well.  Songs that I thought were for sure finished are being added to!  But that is the thing, a song is never done being worked on.  Fiddle tunes are constantly evolving with a good fiddler.
           Sometimes I wonder if these contests are overwhelming for Georgia, all the practice, the pressure she may feel from our supporters, the strain going to part time school might have on her holding a normal social life (this last one goes for Quin too).  She is constantly working towards this goal she has, it makes me wonder from time to time if she questions herself.  Some people have told her it isn't wise to enter the open division in Weiser, but I think what they really mean is that it is not the average way of doing things.  Georgia has never been average, no girl in this family band has ever, in any way, shape or form been average.  Georgia is breaking the mold, you might see it as a family tradition.  Georgia is out to improve herself and gain uncommon life experience.  Striving to better herself, she has always wanted to be the most positive person in the room.  The type of person who brightens and inspires  spirits.  So to those who disagree with her enrollment in the Open:  Georgia isn't joining the Open division to win or have the pride of being the Weiser National Fiddle Champ.  The competition is the best of the best, and Texas Style is difficult, she knows.  Georgia is joining the Open to put herself in the most challenging competition.  This is the way she can learn and hopefully do better than last year.  It isn't about money, prizes or trophies, it is about learning and growing as a fiddler, and hopefully somewhere along the way inspiring someone to pick up something and challenge themselves too.
         Shawn and G sound out of this world right now doing their twin songs :)  I love that I can hear them play all night long, I hear improvement every day from them as a team.  I hear a connection in the way they play together, and that is the way it should be with Twin Fiddle, in my opinion at least haha.

Pictures of whats happening since the last blog post :D
Thank you Harvard Community Radio!

my attempt at a fancy cookies and milk cocktail... only it was just milk so it's not a cocktail... am I a bartender yet?

rocking out on the way to a show

I love doing hair, and I am going to miss it this summer when the band is busy and I can't be in the salon, so let me know if you need a cut!

The baking girl! Those cookies were so good!

After a great show hosted by Off Square Music, big supporters of ours, we love you guys <3

A froyo sister date

Another radio show?!

After Quin got confirmed :) so proud of her :D

Anyways, keep updated when we head to Weiser by following us on facebook and all that good stuff, check out the website if you are looking to come to a show, we would love to see you all :)