Thursday, January 8, 2015


       WOW, a lot has happened since I last blogged, I learned a lot about life and sisters and family and trust, a wild few months, but I don't regret a second of it.  It was a growth spurt for me personally.  And I suppose I would rather learn and hurt and feel  than sit around and do the same routine everyday and learn nothing.

some pictures to catch you up on the last few months

Went to TN to see some family
Dad, Shawn, Georgia and me and Illinois State Contest     
making old songs new

Quin got a new look :) 
Quin is playing originals and Shawn is playing bass!
Georgia Rae, still weird as ever
Because Christmas beard

        I would say the band is in the midst of a growth spurt as well.  We are adding songs to the set list, adding instruments and expanding our overall sound.  So much to learn and not enough time it seems.  I am working full time at the Salon, and Georgia is getting ready to get on a plane tomorrow and go to the Colorado Fiddle Championships. I find it hard to believe that this motivated 16 year old, packing her bags for Colorado, is the same fiddler who stood almost in nervous tears during her first contest on the Woodstock Square gazebo.   I never knew how far she would take this whole contest fiddling thing,  I defiantly never expected that my sister would compete against the best of the best of fiddlers; I didn't even know these fiddlers existed or what their world was like.  Watching from the inside however, I  see that contest fiddling is just like any other competitive sport(is it a sport? I dont know).  There is good, bad and ugly, and it is in this world wherever you go, you just have to seek the good, learn from the bad and try to ignore the ugly things that may go on.  Georgia does a pretty good job of that.

       I don't know much about all of the technical things that go into contest fiddling. but I do know what I hear.  What I hear from my little sister is the growing similarity to those that she competes with.  The sound and style of her playing is catching up.  I also see her struggle and get frustrated.   Don't be fooled; even people with the sunniest of disposition need to set the fiddle down for a break now and then. That never sets her back for long.  Over the course of the last few months I have watched her learn new songs, prepare rounds and perfect harmonics.  I have also seen the emotion she puts into every waltz, and the energy into every hoedown, making sure her choice piece is choice-y enough (like I said I know nothing of the technicalities of contest fiddling).   Even if I know nothing technically, I know what I hear.  I can hear the improvement and all the hard work she puts into every song (and there are A LOT of them).  However she may do in Colorado, I know that she will do her best and the trip itself will be an amazing adventure that she will remember for years.  I have seen her work so hard for this, so wish her luck and say some prayers everyone :)

Safe travels Georgia, Mom and Shawn! I love you guys <3