Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Idaho Bound!

       Less than 3 months left until we leave for Idaho again this summer!  I can hardly believe it was nearly a year ago, so much has happened in my life and the bands life.  I feel like this year has just flew by me, it couldn't have been a year right!?  But it will be a year, and that seems crazy to me.  I remember thinking last year about how I had grown up so fast, high school was over and my life was about to begin.  I was thinking on how far the band has come since our first little "geriatric tour" and how I have seen Georgia grow into her contest fiddling shoes.   But I look back and 18 wasn't grown up(neither is 19 really haha), and the band still has so much growing to do, and I don't know how but my sister has yet again shown improvement in her fiddling.  On another note I have seen Quin take some great musical leaps this year, lots more guitar playing and song writing and just growing into herself. It's great to see, sometimes you even hear her talk at shows now haha.  Actually in this year we have all been growing just a little more into who we are, and with new life experiences comes song writing! So expect to hear some more originals from us because spiritual growth is great inspiration!

       Anyhow, we are again raising money to get to Idaho, we have a Fundraiser on Saturday (April 18th) at the Unity Spiritual Center in Woodstock, doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8 (go to our website for more info on this concert and others in the future!).  You can also help us by checking out our Go Fund Me page, the link is here on my blog (should be on the upper right side by the "Links you should check out") or on our website.  
        My sisters and I really can't wait to get back to Idaho, not only to compete (this year Georgia will be doing the Open division, and the Twin contest with Shawn)  but to see our friends and jam around the pile of flashlights... because you aren't allowed to have campfires (too dry outside).  We are going to wander around until it gets dark, and go to the swing dance, and workshops, and walk from tent to tent and jam until 3am.  One of my favorite parts about the festival is meeting new and interesting people with funny stories and interesting music backgrounds.  The very best part of going to Weiser Idaho though, is that everyone there can connect on some level, weather it be just the love of music or playing the same instrument.  You can always find someone who knows that Avett Brothers song, or that Crooked Still tune (you might even meet a member of the band... just saying, I might have freaked out a little on the inside when I met Tristan Clarridge).  Weiser is a giant, 1 week long, non stop jam festival and contest for people who love anything form Old- Timey Contest tunes to swing music. 

Here are some pictures from last years adventure!

right before we left, so exited!

me and mom, goofy after a long drive haha

saw this on our way through Colorado

I got to see so many beautiful things
me and mom
getting my dirt from the mountain... not sure if that was allowed or not... oh well, shhhh :D
when you see things like this in person, there is no doubt in your mind that there is God.  This picture doesn't do the real life experience of being there any justice at all.

on the road again
Quin in Colorado
Georgia in Colorado
Jamming in Idaho :D

        Remember when we go we will be posting short daily videos via facebook (just quick little recaps of the day or contest updates) then one bigger video of the week when we get home.  I will also do my best to blog on here to keep you undated!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has already donated and to anyone has attended any of our shows, we appreciate all the support and love, you rock!